Best Western

Never surrender your independence

Best Western Hotels wanted to make a big impact at the annual Independent Hotel Show in London. I were briefed to create an exhibition stand that would immediately disrupt the whole conference and create an experience hoteliers wouldn’t forget.

How I Made It Happen

A stand that would communicate Best Western’s unique brand position of having reinvented the hotel franchise model – where other brands asked hoteliers to sacrifice their independence, Best Western gave them their freedom back with the lowest cost of sale in the marketplace. So we didn’t hold back. We brought attitude. And then some.

Making a stand. Against uniformity.

I channelled the iconic punk movement to design an exhibition stand that brazenly flew in the face of the establishment. Using bold neon colours and explosive messaging, the stand became a focal point of the exhibition space – where other brands went traditional and same-old, we broke the rules.The concept perfectly married Best Western’s personality and vision with key messaging. Alongside the stand, a printed takeaway was designed to hand out to visitors. Styled as an LP album cover, this was later developed into a Hotel Development brochure – a more toned back communication piece for use at specific meetings with contacts.


  • Stand design and architecture
  • Art direction from concept through to completion
  • Full end-to-end art direction of supporting conference film.
  • Supporting comms of landing page and brochure
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