Life keeps moving

To help realise its vision to become the world’s number one for home assistance, HomeServe needed a new identity. Part of this was creating a new brand TV ad which communicated new customer proposition of ‘local experts at the ready’.

How I Made It Happen

To bring to life the new brand proposition, my idea was to translate it into a customer-friendly feeling. What was the real customer benefit of having immediate access to home heating engineers (the local experts at the ready)? It was that life could keep moving. 

Life keeps moving became the central conceit to the whole ad. This was to be illustrated with a woman going for her daily run without a worry in the world, as she knows HomeServe is taking care of her broken boiler.

I needed an instantly recognisable piece of music that would drive the vision and echo the idea. There was no better track than ‘Keep on Running’  by Spencer Davis Group.


  • Concept of brand idea
  • Art directing on the shoot including direction of drone
  • Art directing narrative and storyboard
  • Pre and post-production direction
  • Behind the scenes documentary edit
  • Campaign comms
  • Campaign support photography
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