Medical Protection

No.1 for protection

MPS is one the world’s leading medical indemnity providers for health care workers. Its biggest challenge is that it’s also one of the most expensive. Its price is reflected by the sheer breadth and flexibility of services it provides. The trouble is, its members don’t realise its value. MPS needed a retention campaign that sought to educate its customers showcasing its key membership benefits.

How I Made It Happen

With the audience being time-poor, top-of-their-game medical consultants, I needed to grab attention with cut-through visuals that would get noticed in medical journals, which would work seamlessly with messaging that smartly communicated the customer benefit. 

I created a suite of executions that took medical instruments and did something radically different to them – using them to form the structure of a completely different object – to tie in conceptually with the overall message. Bold, striking and guaranteed to stop any clinician in their tracks.


  • Concepted the idea
  • Art direction of visual idea and treatment
  • Full design and re-touching
  • Press campaign of 6 message territories
  • Campaign toolkit
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