British Firework Association

Think. Check. Respect.

The British Fireworks Association is facing an uphill struggle to keep firework displays legal in the UK. As part of their efforts to promote safe and responsible displays, they needed an online video and campaign identity to educate school children and their families about how to be safe on bonfire night.

How I Made It Happen

Public service films were everywhere in the 70s to the early 90s – especially ones about fireworks. Now I needed to bring them back, updated to the 21st century, to engage a whole new generation.

I needed a fun and exciting idea for kids to remember the fireworks code on bonfire night, and a big part of that would be the use of characters to help educate. So what character to use?

No creature is more awesome than a fire-breathing dragon. Except perhaps for… A firework-breathing one! Just like children, young firework-breathing dragons have to learn how to play safe – because playing with their fireworks is loads of fun, but only when no one comes to any harm.

The best safety videos from past and present are ones that have a catchy rhyme or takeout message that is easy to remember. I developed the THINK CHECK RESPECT mnemonic to drive the message home.


  • Concept of idea
  • Creation of the mnemonic Think. Check. Respect.
  • Art direction of character development sketch to full illustration
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